Generally speaking, landing pages are an essential part of any CPA affiliate campaign. More times than not, you will make more money if you use a landing pages in your campaign to “pre-sell” the user on the offer you’re promoting.

Spy tools, like AdPlexity, can help you discover these landing pages rather easily. You just enter a keyword that could be on the page you need for your campaign, set the filtering to “Running Longest” or “Received Most Traffic” and boom, you have several different (most likely profitable) landing pages that you can download.

But what if you’re a new CPA affiliate and can’t quite justify the high monthly cost of a Spy Tool? Let me show you the 100% free method to find CPA affiliate landing pages.

Enter Your Friend Google

I know what you’re thinking… Google?

Yeah. Google.

If you know how to use some of the advanced search operators on Google then you can find some pretty interesting stuff.

To find CPA affiliate landers all you need to do is use the following search operator:

inurl:voluumdata KEYWORD

What this will do is search on Google for any URL that contains the token “voluumdata”, which is appended on to landing page URLs that are using Voluum to track their clicks.

So if we typed on Google something like:

inurl:voluumdata win

We’d be able to pull up some landing pages most likely related to the newbie friendly sweepstakes vertical.

CPA Affiliate Landing Pages Without a Spy Tool

Downloading the Landing Pages to Modify Them

Whenever you download a landing page you find in the wild, it’s a good idea not to copy exactly what that person was doing. Why? Because you should only use it as a benchmark that you can improve upon, so you can make more money than they were.

To download the landing page you found if you’re using a MAC you can use a tool called SiteSucker. There may be a free alternative, but this is what I use.

If you’re on Windows you can use a tool called HTTrack (I don’t use Windows so if someone has a better suggestion let me know in the comments).

After putting the URL of the landing page you found into one of these tools you should download it to your hard drive. Then, you can modify it to make it better and then upload it to your lightning fast Amazon S3 + Cloudfront server.

Notes About This Free Method of Finding CPA Landers

Spy Tools can sort the landing pages they have in their database by “Running Longest” or “Received Most Traffic”, which is a good indicator someone is making money with them. With this free method, you won’t actually know if the landing page performs well or not.

Using this method will also require you to know some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript to fix the pages so they actually work. Don’t forget to remove malicious scripts or you could be losing some of your traffic to the original landing page owner!

For affiliates that don’t know how to code, you can use a landing page builder like this one, which also allows you to import downloaded pages to easily edit.

If you’re not sure where to start cleaning your landing page, I published this guide showing how to clean ripped landers.

    7 replies to "Find CPA Affiliate Landing Pages Without a Spy Tool – 100% Free Method"

    • sam patra

      i dont know html,java,css
      any tutorial u recomended
      how to clean that lander

      • nick

        I don’t know any tutorials specifically for cleaning up landing pages off the top of my head. In the next couple of weeks I’ll post some stuff that will help clean landing pages. Hopefully something this week.

        However, it’s strongly advised to know basic HTML, CSS, and JS to do this. Some more advanced landers can be next to impossible to clean for someone with zero knowledge about coding. There are a lot of ways to hide malicious scripts.

        I recommend Codecademy to learn all 3 languages. Their free courses on the subjects don’t take too long and should cover enough to understand what you’re doing/looking for in landing pages that you rip.

        You don’t have to be an expert in any of the languages… just a basic understanding. When you have that, you will know exactly what to Google to find the answer to solve just about any coding problem. StackOverflow is your friend.

      • nick

        I’ve published a guide on how to clean ripped landing pages.

    • Morfeuez

      This is gold man!!! How would you search other trackers data?

      • nick

        It doesn’t work for all trackers, but if you want some landing pages from bemob you can use ‘bemobdata’ instead of ‘voluumdata’.

    • ian

      Landing Page Owners put ” hidden/malicious scripts” to save their traffic from Competitors, but how HARMFUL are those Scripts and WHY ? Can you elaborate more or write an article about the Risk of Malicious Landers ?

      • nick

        Hey Ian,

        Hidden/malicious scripts can steal a % of traffic that clicks on your call to action button, they could compromise your server security, or they could change elements on your page after you upload them.

        Scripts like these aren’t very common, but you will find them occasionally and they must be removed. Essentially, malicious scripts can destroy your campaign’s potential or waste your money.


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