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Biggest PPCall Mistake and How An AdWords MCC Can Fix It

A common mistake that many people make when first starting out with pay per call is running all of their campaigns from the same AdWords account.

It may seem like no big deal; you've got separate campaigns within your account for each vertical (rehab, debt, travel, health, etc.). Each vertical is separated from one another in their own campaign, so you're good, right?

Not so fast.

If you keep all of your campaigns on the same account you are just asking for Google to completely destroy you. If they suspend your one and only account, you won't be serving any advertisements for at least 3 - 5 days while they "review" your account, and probably even longer.

Don't even think you can just create a new AdWords account after you've just recently been suspended, as AdWords will almost immediately suspend any future account you create.

When Suspended, Won't All My Accounts Get Banned?

Someone with common sense might think that if you get one AdWords account suspended, any and all accounts that trace back to you will also be suspended.

This is actually what I thought. I mean it makes sense, right?

The interesting thing is that AdWords will automatically suspend any new accounts you create (even if they are new accounts created through your MCC) after you've been suspended, BUT they won't suspend any accounts you created before being suspended.

The logic here is clearly flawed, but this is how it actually works.

Quality Score > AdWords Suspension

If you're running pay per call affiliate marking offers on AdWords getting your account suspended is probably more of a non-issue for most. PPCall marketing is, for the most part, all white hat offers that are totally compliant with the AdWords advertising policies.

The most important reason for separating each vertical you run into different AdWords accounts is for Quality Score.

Google won't confirm its existence, but many people accept that there is an account-level quality score. This score is the result of the historical performance of the landing pages, ads, and keywords within an account.

If you're running Drug & Alcohol Rehab phone calls getting a 4% CTR on AdWords in the same account you're running Travel phone calls getting a 20% CTR they will be affecting the overall account-level quality score differently.

Naturally, the verticals you are more familiar with should have higher quality scores than verticals you haven't quite figured out completely.

Getting higher quality scores = getting more $$$ once you've managed to get the vertical nailed down.

Google Ads MCC account
Google Ads MCC account

Solution: AdWords MCC (Manager Account)

A smart affiliate creates a separate AdWords account for each vertical they are running no matter how little traffic they are sending.

You can do this with the help of what Google likes to call AdWords Manager Accounts. According to AdWords:

A manager account is an AdWords account that lets you easily view and manage multiple AdWords accounts -- including other manager accounts -- from a single location.

So what you as a pay per call affiliate do is use the manager account to easily manage separate AdWords accounts for each vertical you promote.

You can sign up here for an AdWords Manager Account.

One AdWords Account per Vertical

Don't run multiple pay per call campaigns in the same AdWords account. Just don't.

Create an MCC account to manage separate AdWords accounts for each vertical you promote. It's easy to do and will even help you manage your campaigns more efficiently.

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