If you’re going to get into CPA affiliate marketing and become successful, then you must have some sort of affiliate tracking software.

Why do you need a click tracker? You need affiliate tracking software to quickly analyze the data from your campaigns to make advanced optimizations, such as eliminating zoneIDs that are wasting your budget or finding the segments of your traffic converting best (i.e. browser, OS, isp, etc.).

Sure, you could do some of those things by just passing sub ids to your affiliate network, but trackers would give you far more data. The more data you have on your traffic the better you can understand it to maximize your ROI.

Just a few years ago there was only a handful of options, but today there are quite a few. Many of them will offer some kind of a limited free trial, but the one we’re going to discuss today has a FREE plan.

Free meaning you can use it month after month and not have to pay a monthly fee. It’s great for new affiliates just getting into CPA marketing that are on a limited budget.

Instead of having to spend half your monthly budget on subscriptions, you can use the money to buy traffic to learn much faster.

Free Affiliate Tracking Software – BeMob

BeMob is a cloud-hosted tracking system, which means that you won’t have additional monthly fees for expensive servers or other software. They host the tracker for you on their global cloud network.

You won’t have to worry about your server crashing in the middle of the night, literally burning your budget while you sleep.

Using a tracker can be complicated if you’ve never done it before, but BeMob has 24/7 live chat support to help you on every step along the way.

Plus, BeMob has ‘templates’ for both traffic sources and affiliate networks so you can just use those and know your valuable data is being passed from your traffic source to your tracker to your affiliate network and back correctly.

Key Features of BeMob

If you take a look at the BeMob interface, you may think it looks like a Voluum clone (Voluum was the industry standard tracker a year or 2 ago until their raised their prices 300% overnight).

Free CPA Affiliate Tracker

The interface looks very similar to Voluum and has many of the same features.

  • Secure Cloud – Hosted Tracker – Don’t worry about having to secure your server or losing money. BeMob has nearly 100% uptime. I’ve never personally lost any data from my campaigns.
  • Traffic Tracking and Distribution System – Easily optimize your campaigns to ensure the highest possible ROI.
  • Instant Redirects – They have 11 Amazon data centers around the world so your redirects are FAST. Speed is everything with CPA, especially on mobile.
  • Custom Domains with Free SSL – You can use as many custom domains as you’d like (you should always use one) and they also have free SSL.
  • Real-Time Statistics – Data is updated as it happens in your campaigns. Any changes are reflected in your reports immediately.
  • Mobile Tracking – Easily analyze the many mobile data points.
  • Traffic Targeting – Redirect users to different parts of your campaign based on the data. Example: if the user is from the US and uses T-Mobile, send to lander A. If the user is from the US and uses Sprint, send to lander B.
  • Bot Blacklisting – Detect and block bot traffic by IP addresses, user agents, referrers and other parameters.
  • Frequent Updates – New updates pushed to the cloud servers weekly.
  • High-Quality Accurate Data – They use updated and complete databases so you know you’re getting the most comprehensive user data in your reports.
  • Landing Page Protection – Hide your landing pages from your competitors and spy tools, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Email Notifications – Get notified of changes in your campaigns to prevent possible losses.
  • Professional Support Service – They have a fantastic knowledge base, and what’s better is they have very responsive live chat support.

They also have a new feature called Sixth Sense. This feature basically analyzes 2000 combinations of data points from your campaigns to show you the segments that are the most effective by revenue, CTR, and ROI.

Knowing the most profitable segments of your campaign can help you optimize and scale your campaigns faster. There are no extra charges for this feature and requires no additional setup (it’s built in).

Sign Up For BeMob – Get Special Bonus

If you sign up for BeMob now, they are offering all accounts 1 million free promo events ($50 value). These can be used today, tomorrow, or next year when you exceed the number of events included in your plan.

BeMob Free Tracker Promo

The Basic Plan is completely free to use. You get to use 100,000 events per month (events are visits/clicks/conversions in your campaigns).

A tracking tool is an essential piece of software that you need to become successful with CPA affiliate marketing. If you don’t use one, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.

If you don’t know what works you won’t make money.

Sign up for BeMob now and secure your 1,000,000 free events.

If you’re in need to a tutorial or full review of BeMob, please let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll add one if necessary.

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    • leland

      Hello there

      I am very happy to see your blog,
      Is this tracker permanently free?

      How are you using, how fast is it,

      Thank you

      • nick

        If you don’t need more than 100k events per month then it’s free.

        Redirects are as fast as any other tracker.

    • Yossi

      Great blog!
      Do you yourself use BeMob

      • nick

        I use both BeMob and Binom. Binom on pops because very little ad spend can give you hundreds of thousands of events.

    • OLEG

      Great article!

      Nick, can we talk in person?

      My skype: live:oleg_2041
      Telegramm: @Daimon777

      • nick

        Sure. I added you on Skype.

    • Alabi ahmed

      Please I am in need of a tutorial based on this

    • HP

      What budget do you recommend to set aside to get started with push notification and CPA offers?

      • nick

        Hi HP,

        In general, I mostly prefer higher payout offers for push traffic. In my course that teaches push traffic, I use offers that pay $10 – $40 per conversion and I recommend that you have at least $1k to get started, but $2k+ would put you in a better position depending on your experience level.

        Hope that helps.


    • J Bolhano

      Great blog Nick! Can you give me more info about your course that teaches push traffic? Thanks (:

      • nick

        I’ll send you an email.


    • sergio

      Hi Nick,

      I’ll ask this question here because BeMob is taking ages to respond to really basic questions but pretty specific.

      As far as I know, facebook DO NOT likes when you have a tracking link that redirects to the tracker to fire the conversion and then takes user to the landing page.

      I was told by them that I should use their LP Pixel Generator settings (the ones that appear on the window to get the campaign links).

      Basically, they say that if i want to avoid the tracking link redirect to bemob I should Use that LP Pixel on my landing landing. Ok, this is fine.

      But then support says the following that I driving me nuts because I don’t know what they mean… and I quote:

      “After you set LP pixel inside your landing page and create a campaign in tracker it is required to place landing page URL on the side of Facebook to send traffic to. ”

      Basically, as far as I understand after reading their documentation:

      1) I should place their LP Pixel Generator code on my landing. (should I also paste it on my TY Page if i have one?)

      2) I should use the CTA URL ( provided in the LP Pixel Generator settings) on all my links and buttons that direct to traffic to Offer Page.

      3) And then they say that if I follow this process, I should NOT use the campaign URL (since this would create the redirect in the first place), but that I should use the “landing page URL”. What do they mean by this? As far as I know, I must use the TRACKING link provided by BeMob on my Traffic Source IF I want to track clicks that come from that traffic. If I use my regular landing Domain URL i will not be able to track these incoming clicks…

      Do you have any idea of what this LANDING PAGE URL mean? Which URL?

      Btw, I’m trying to subscribe to your list but I’m not receiving the email confirmation email….

      Thanks again.

      • nick

        Hey Sergio,

        You’re right. Facebook doesn’t like it when you have redirects in the links you use in your campaigns.

        I personally don’t use the redirectless tracking because when I run on Facebook I don’t use any tracking at all apart from Google Analytics. However, most trackers have this redriectless tracking in the form of a pixel, like BeMob has mentioned. You’d have to read through their documentation to implement, but basically, you put the code on your landing page and the tracker will automatically capture the information about the user as if you were using a tracking link that redirects.

        You shouldn’t use a campaign url – you just simply link directly to your landing page in your ads. The tracking should work.

        Regarding signing up for my email list… did you check your spam/junk folder? Sometimes the confirmation message lands in there.


        • sergio

          Hi Nick, I had to manually check your blog post to see if i had gotten a reply. Doesn’t it send a notification once you reply to each of our comments?

          Thanks for your reply.
          Actually, BeMob is REALLY non newbie friendly. I consider myself quite tech savvy and i’ve had so much trouble trying to understand how this all works. And BeMob support is awful. they reply after 1 day (the least it takes). I’ve had more success going through ClickMagick documentation to understand how the tracking softwares work and how to implement them in the strategy.

          I don’t want to bug you out with question after question, but I’ll take the chance here and ask you a couple more things 🙂

          I finally understood how these trackers pass the url parameters from one page to another (a question i had trouble finding the answer to). At least I know that Clickmagick uses the JS code to store the url info in a coocke once you land on the landing page and then you retrieve it to use it in another page by simply writing the same JS code they provide in the page from the funnel where u need to request that parameter…. But,

          1) In BeMob it is quite confusing. I can’t use the campaign URL because it makes a redirect and FB doesn’t like this. OK. BUT, how does this works then?

          BeMob provides a LP Pixel. As far as I understand, I need to take that pixel and paste it on my Thank You Page (supposing I have one).

          And, as you mentioned, to use the regular landing page URL from my funnel as the website url destination on my Traffic source. (BeMob support confirmed this as well)

          But then, how Do I know from where do the people that fires the pixel come from? If the pixel is on the landing page or TY page, it will fire for everyone… since I am using the default URL for my landing page. Meaning, that anyone that types that URL in the browser and lands on the page will fire the pixel and BeMob will record that as a Page view.

          — On clickmagick, I can see who clicked the URL and who landed on the TY page (if there’s one) and I can see conversion Rates by people who came through my tracking link.

          But on BeMob I don’t udnerstand how this would work. Makes no sense in my head.

          What Am I missing?

          and as a second question…

          2) On ClickMagick, I notice that people track Click IDs using parameters such as s2=[clickid] and on their examples, a random click ID number would appear in the url.

          But on BeMob, I have tried appending different combinations of parameters such as the following (i saw these on their blog/faq) ?s2={clickId} and ?s2={clickIdLong} and ?s2={clickid} and I can’t seem to make a click ID number populate in the browser URL….

          What Am I missing? How do I make the click ID number appear in the url once it is clicked on BeMob?

          Or… Does the ClickID only appears in the URL IF there is a javascript code that makes the “parameter” work?
          I’m just thinking this right now as i’m typing.

          like, if I use a={clickid}, there must be a javascript code in the page where it lands for it to transform that {clickid} into an actual click id number? This this happens to be true, makes a lot of sense.

          Will look forward to these 2 questions nick,

          Appreciate your help.

          (p.s) i’d be nice if i could get notified by your replies.

    • Hilary

      Bro Sergio,

      Your questions are way too long and …

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