Before you can start creating your landing page or building out your AdWords campaign, you need to pick an offer. If you’ve never really run any pay per call campaigns before, this can be an incredibly daunting task.

First, your affiliate manager(s) bombard you with Skype messages trying to get you to run their offers:

AM #1: “Hey, what do you think about home services?”

AM #2: “Bro, we’re doing mad volume with health insurance calls right now.”

AM #3: “Do you have drug & alcohol addiction rehab phone calls?”

They all want you to run different things that may or may not be good, so where do you start when choosing a pay per call offer that doesn’t completely suck?

Tip 1: Listen to Your Affiliate Manager, But Don’t

In my experience, when you ask your affiliate manager for the best offers in X vertical you don’t actually get the truly best offers. This could be for a number of different reasons, but mainly due to the fact that that the affiliate networks are running a business too.

Their business development teams go out and find buyers in the various verticals they have offers for.

Let’s say Network X is mainly focused on health insurance and debt relief offers. If all their inbound calls from affiliates are for health insurance, the budgets from the health advertisers are going to fill up.

What does that mean for you? That means when Network X brings on new affiliates they will attempt to get you to send them some calls to their debt relief offer(s) because they have open budgets that need to be filled. Many times, if they can’t fill the budget the advertiser will take their business to another affiliate network.

When you ask your affiliate manager for the top offers, listen to what they are offering you, but also don’t. Use them as a good starting point, but also use some of the tips below to find a successful ppcall offer.

Tip 2: Network EPC Stats

Before you are going to apply for a new offer on your favorite pay per call affiliate network, you must look at the network-wide EPC within Invoca.

What is the 7 day EPC? This is the average amount of money other affiliates are making on this offer per 100 phone calls, or earnings per 100 calls. For example, if the EPC is $389.62 this means that on average other affiliates are making approximately $3.90 per phone call they send to the network.

If you look at the EPC then look at Google’s Keyword Planner and see that there is no possible way you’re going to make that offer profitable, you’re probably right.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Offer network epc invoca

Not everyone uses Google AdWords as their promotion method of choice. Other affiliates could be making that offer work at such a low EPC by using cheaper, lower quality traffic such as display ads.

Tip 3: Target Regions / Service Area

Particularly when first starting out it’s important to pick offers with a large service area. This is because offers with large target regions are easier for beginners to target and not lose money.

Some offers will only accept a few states, or worse, offers will only accept callers from certain zip codes. When the caller isn’t from within the target regions for the offer there will be no possible way for you to make money on that phone call, as the Invoca tracking software will automatically terminate the call (in most cases).

google adwords location targeting united states

Tip 4: Avoid Creative Approval Offers

Some offers are going to require you to submit your creatives, such as your landing page and ad copy before you’ll be approved to promote the offer.

If you’re just starting out, I’d highly recommend that you avoid these offers. Some advertisers can be so incredibly picky about what you do that you may end up bagging the offer before you can even test it.

pay per call creative approval restrictions

Once you understand how pay per call works, how to create killer ads, and how to craft an epic landing page you can attempt a few of these offers. Make sure you bring your patience, as some advertisers can take upwards of 3 weeks to approve your campaign!

Tip 5: Find the Most Direct Source

After you’ve been in the pay per call game for awhile, you start to notice a lot of networks have the same offers. This is true; a lot of networks will broker offers from other networks.

You don’t want to run a brokered offer unless you like making other people money for essentially doing nothing. You must find the most direct source of the offer that you possibly can.

How do you find the most direct source? You need to scout through all of the affiliate networks you are a member of and check their offers. You can place test calls and see if you can find the same offer. Maybe the IVR recording is the same? Maybe you recognize a certain agent’s voice?

Find the most direct source of an offer or you might find yourself saying an offer sucks prematurely. In extreme cases, you can increase your payout nearly 100% finding the most direct network.


The fact of the matter is… not every pay per call affiliate offer is a home run. You have a do a little bit of hunting to find the gold nuggets. However, when you finally find the good offers you’ll be killin’ it.

    5 replies to "5 Tips to Choose a Pay Per Call Affiliate Offer That Doesn’t Suck"

    • Abhishek

      When you say that “For example, if the EPC is $389.62 this means that on average other affiliates are making approximately $3.90 per phone call they send to the network.”

      Do you mean to say that the offer is not profitable considering the payout for the offer is higher than $3.90 but he is only making that amount per call when in reality the offer tends to pay way more than that right?

      • nick

        Hey Abhishek. Thanks for the first comment on my blog!

        That’s not how it works. Say we have a $20 offer. If you’re getting a 50% CVR on this offer your earnings per call would only be $10 because you are only able to convert half of your calls into conversions.

        I’ll try and explain a bit more. If on average other affiliates are getting $3.90/call and you see that the average CPC on AdWords is above that you know you probably won’t be making that offer profitable.

        The reason is, unless you’re a god, you’re probably not getting more than a 50% CVR on an offer that has an IVR. So even with a 50% CVR you need your AdWords CPC lower than $2 to bring your cost per call anywhere close to $3.90.

        It’s possible someone else is making it work profitably on other traffic sources.

    • Sanjay Banerjee

      You have a nice blog regarding PPC calls
      Would be following you….thanks

    • Aamir Dhillon

      Hi Nick,
      You are doing great to share knowledge.
      My Question is that…What is qualified call….?
      I mean if network not giving call duration and just tell….Affiliate Payout : “up to $34.40 per qualified call”

      • nick

        Hey Aamir,

        Generally when it says ‘qualified call’ there are several buyers on the backend. Some calls you could get paid on 60 sec, some on 90 sec, or even some on 120 sec. You’d have to ask the affiliate network what is considered a qualified call.

        Also, they payout can vary based on what option they select in the IVR. Press 1 could pay $20 and press 2 could pay $30+.

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